Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Measurement Framework for GPIB, USB-TMC, LAN, ...

The GPIB bus is used to connect and control measurement instruments like multimeters, spectrum analyzers, scopes, ... Most professional measurement instruments offer a GPIB connector, and sometimes additionally Ethernet (LXI), USB (USB-TMC) and RS232 connectors, which offer the same remote control functionality.

Setups with one or more measurement instruments and remote controlled sources are used in production test, device characterization, ... Therefore a controller, usually a PC, sends commands to all instruments and queries measurement results. The test and measurement procedure is implemented as a custom program, which links to libraries to send the commands and receive the results.

The measurement framework pas-gpib provides such libraries to communicate via GPIB, LAN, USB and RS-232 with measurement instruments. It is an open source project hosted at GitHub fully implemented with FreePascal. It was successfully tested with Agilent 34410A multimeter, LeCroy WaveJet 354A and 324 scopes and Keithley 2602A SourceMeter. Demo programs how to use the framework with these instruments are included.

All interested users are invited to test pas-gpib and to contribute more functions, more devices and even more communication protocols. Your feedback is very welcome! Let me know, how you could solve your test and measurement requirements using pas-gpib!


Rudi hat gesagt…

Hello Mr. Glaser,
I want to write an driver for the linux package linux-gpib for my USB-GPIB converter, please see:

They have a new interface driver "lpvo_usb_gpib" which has an open source design. See

Unfortunately I could not run this driver, even if it compiles OK.
I thought I could use it as an example for an own driver.

So, I collected information to that topic, please see:

Maybe you could give me a hint, in which direction (command language) to move, in order to implement a driver for the linux-gpib package with minimal effort.

Best regards, Rudolf Reuter

Johann Glaser hat gesagt…

Hi Rudi!

Unfortunately I don't have any experience with the development of drivers for LinuxGPIB. IIRC the project was deprecated, or at least no Debian packages were availably.

This is why I started the mentioned Measurement Framework.