Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Control and communicate with a Cypress EZ-USB

When developing a device with the Cypress EZ-USB AN2131 microcontroller, eztool might come in handy. It is a command line tool to control and to communicate with these microcontrollers via USB. It can also communicate to any USB device in a custom user mode.

eztool offers a convenient command line interface. It uses Tcl as scripting language and command interpreter. Actually, every command you enter is implemented as a Tcl command (but written in Pascal and compiled in the executable). The Tcl programming language offers unlimited options to use, customize and automate eztool.

eztool prints a prompt at the screen which signals the current mode. To wait for the user input, GNU Readline is used. This offers comforable command line editing, history and auto-completion.

For each Tcl command and variable a dedicated manual page is provided.

Please find the source code at It uses the Pascal OOP wrappers for GNU Readline, Tcl and LibUSB. Its device firmware is based on the EZ-USB firmware template.

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