Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Keil ULink

Some time ago I've investigated the Keil ULink JTAG adapter. Note that this is version 1, not the ULink2, ULinkPro or ULink-ME. The following image shows the schematic (the link opens a PDF file), previously posted at

The device is built around the well-known Cypress AN2131 EZ-USB microcontroller and has additional 32 kByte external memory. Level shifters are used for the JTAG signals, which are available at 3 connectors for Infineon OCDS, ST and ARM.

Since the device is quite generic, any other things can be done with it. A few students used it to program their custom firmware and PC software (running on Linux) to use the device to download ATmega and ARM software as well as an OpenOCD driver. Links and details will follow.

Unfortunately the work is only tested with the ULink version 1. Does anybody have a ULink2 and is interested to borrow it to us for investigations and firmware adoption?

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